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Patient, helpful high-tech service is unfortunately rare. The decision-makers we interact with every day are besieged by high-tech schemes from low-tech companies. We hear horror stories about consultants who either intimidate managers into bleeding-edge solutions or promise the world and don't deliver. 

At International Works, excellent service is our objective. Implementing the right solution is our goal. 

We draw on the collective experience of our four founders plus a broad network of the most inventive, versatile technologists around. Our professionals implement the latest cutting-edge technologies every day. 

By choosing International Works, you're in the hands of people who do this day in and day out. Our consultants and engineers are hired based not only on their technical expertise but on their dedication to total customer satisfaction.

Your satisfaction is part of our standard technology. We're wired for customer service.
Beyond the cutting-edge technical solutions we offer, as described on our Services Section, we package our solutions based on the unique needs of our clients:

Free Estimates: As a complimentary service, International Works will assess your system and the unique needs of your business. We offer free evaluations, estimates, and ideas for developing and upgrading your systems. Our goal is to find the right long-term solution, not just to make a one-time sale.

Network Fitness Assessments: Part of getting to know your business is getting to know your network. Our network engineers are experienced in evaluating network risk, security, and reliability. Before you trust anyone with your network, be sure that it has been properly evaluated. 

Day 1, Day 2 Support: After a major implementation, some firms stick around for half a day or disappear right away. International Works is there on Day 1 and Day 2 if our clients request it, in case shifts in usage raises issues most firms wouldn't catch. Day 1, Day 2 Support is always an option with International Works.

Service-Level Agreements: International Works is ready for a long-term relationship. That's why we're in business, and that's why we've been successful. We want to find the right depth of service for your business, to keep your company running smoothly. 
Follow-Ups and Hourly Blocks: Scheduled follow-ups are recommended, especially after a major implementation. In our most flexible option, clients call on us only when we're needed, using a set of hourly blocks.

Systems/Network Documentation: International Works offers general systems/network documentation or, at our client's request, more specific documentation on server directory structure and account information. 

Value-Added Training and Support: Based on the technical needs of your staff, we custom-design training courses on a multitude of subjects in software applications, networking, Internet, and development topics. We're happy to work on-site for one- or two-day sessions or to customize in-depth five- to ten-day courses.

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