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At Intl Works, we know that success is more than just winning bids. Success means earning our clients' satisfaction. 

We're earning it. We're building this business by word of mouth, and our list of clients-satisfied clients-is growing. 

Our clients not only keep our business growing, they keep us constantly challenged. When our clients adjust to changes in technology and the changing demands of the market, they call on us. And we're ready. 

With each network we install, each system we integrate, each Website we launch, and each telecom system we connect, we draw on the deep experience of our founders' combined thirty-five years' expertise in the business. 

One of the most fundamental lessons we've learned is the importance of staying well-informed and well-equipped for changes in technology. We draw on a broad network of experts and constantly integrate cutting-edge solutions into our broad menu of services.

Following is a partial list of the many companies our founding partners have been honored to serve, before and since the launch of International Works Inc.:

  • Montebello Fire Department
  • First Tennessee National Bank (FTN)
  • Arrow Metal Stamping
  • City of Hawthorne Trash company (H&C Disposal)
  • AAA Pawnshops
  • Chase Manhattan Bank
  • Montebello Fire Fighters Union
  • Big John's Village Cafe
  • Cisco
  • B&H Graphics Company
  • Consolidated Petfood
  • Disney
  • Bank Of America
  • GM Import Export
  • Henrys Mobile Steam
  • Mayor Mike Gordon (Mayor of El Segundo, CA)
  • Valley Allarm
  • Qwest
  • Holiday Inn
  • California Prosper Company
  • Midwest Reserch
  • LINE--X spray on bedliners
  • Cerami Sales Company
  • United Way
  • Huchkensen and Brown

Intl Works recently took a Friday morning plane down to Anguila to lay more than 4,000 feet of fiber in a weekend whirlwind tour. The client, one of the world's premiere luxury resorts, selected Intl Works after hearing of its success on several US-based projects. We were only too happy to make the trip-and the accommodations were fantastic.

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